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Hunting enthusiasts are no longer limited to print magazines and television shows for insight, instruction, and entertainment. YouTube, in particular, has emerged as a central hub for outdoor enthusiasts to share their expertise, adventures, and tips. For those just getting started or seasoned hunters looking to expand their horizons, here are some top YouTube channels about hunting that you will want to take advantage of.

  1. MeatEater with Steven Rinella

For those who like their hunting mixed with a bit of gastronomy, MeatEater is a must-watch. Hosted by author and outdoorsman Steven Rinella, this channel dives into the art of hunting and then cooking the catch. Beyond mere hunting trips, Rinella explores the history, ethics, and culinary traditions surrounding the game.

  1. Hushin

For a more contemporary take on hunting and outdoor adventures, Hushin is a channel packed with adrenaline and enthusiasm. The team showcases their trips across the US, pursuing everything from elk to turkey. With a great mix of tips, gear reviews, and spirited adventures, Hushin is perfect for the modern hunter.

  1. The Hunting Public

Focused mainly on deer hunting, The Hunting Public is known for its authentic, real-world approach. The crew faces the same challenges any everyday hunter might encounter. They focus on public land hunting, a valuable resource for most hunters without access to private lands.

  1. SoloHunter

As the name suggests, SoloHunter is about the raw, unfiltered experience of solo hunting. Hosts Tim Burnett and Remi Warren provide in-depth insights into their solo adventures, tackling challenging terrains and sharing valuable survival tips. The channel captures the essence of being alone in the wilderness, relying on wit and skill.

  1. Randy Newberg, Hunter

Randy Newberg is a well-respected name in the hunting community. His channel emphasizes Western public land hunting and delves into the intricacies of hunting tags, seasons, and strategies. With a mix of vlogs, how-tos, and podcasts, this channel is a trove of knowledge for those keen on Western game species.

  1. Bowhunt or Die

For archery enthusiasts, Bowhunt or Die is a top-notch choice. Chronicling the lives of a team of bowhunters, this channel offers insights into gear, techniques, and the sheer passion of bowhunting. The genuine experiences shared here resonate deeply with the archery community.

  1. Drury Outdoors

Founded by brothers Mark and Terry Drury, this channel offers decades of hunting experience. Their primary focus is white-tailed deer, but the insights they provide can apply universally. From tracking to setting up the perfect shot, Drury Outdoors is a masterclass in the art and science of hunting.