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Hunters prefer to spend their time in the mountains when the temperatures are below freezing. This is because they can get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and spend time in the high country.

During this period, the animal’s natural behavior changes, and pressure levels decrease, which can result in some of the most productive hunts of the year. Nevertheless, there are also a few tips to make your winter hunting trip enjoyable and safe this season.

Gloves and Boots

According to most people, their feet and hands are the most vulnerable parts of their body to getting cold. This could be caused by various factors, such as poor circulation or the lack of insulation. One of the most effective ways to prevent this issue is to invest in high-quality hunting boots with an appropriate insulation level. When it comes to hunting gloves, layering is essential, but a good pair of gloves should also be paired with a set of warm and comfortable mittens.

Glassing Troubleshoot

The cold weather can make it incredibly hard to glass, especially when the wind blows snow and debris all around you. This can significantly reduce your time in the glassing process once your body temperature starts to get too cold. Before you leave, make sure to bring a tent or a tarp to protect yourself from the wind. Also, remember that if you’re sitting on the ground for a prolonged period, your backside can get cold.

Fire Starting Kit

A fire-starting kit is one of the most critical items you should bring with you when you go hunting. Although this can be a basic kit that you can buy, it can be imperative to start a fire in case the temperatures get below freezing. A fire-starting kit is essential for any outdoor activity and one of the most essential items you should pack for any remote hunting trips.


Being prepared is the most essential thing you can do to ensure you’re ready to go hunting when the temperatures are below freezing. This includes having the proper equipment, an emergency plan, and a positive attitude toward the mountains.