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New to the game of hunting? Relishing learning everything about it? Good! There are several resources for new hunters that can help you learn a lot of what you need to know, the following being just a few of many.

Hunter Safety and Firearm Safety Courses

Local gun clubs and gun sellers frequently offer hunter safety and firearm safety courses. If you have never picked up a gun or rifle before, this is where you should start. Both of these courses are necessary to ensure that you are practicing proper gun safety when out hunting. They will also teach you about what to wear when you are hunting to increase visibility among other hunters, and expected hunter behavior in the woods or fields.

Hunting Regulations Where You Live

Different states and even different counties in those states have different hunting regulations. It might be perfectly legal to hunt moose all year long in Anchorage, for example, but not in Washington State. Find out what the hunting regulations are, when you can hunt certain game, and how much of that game you are allowed to shoot and take home with you. Exceeding or ignoring these regulations can result in fines or the game wardens placing a ban on your hunting license.

Gun Sellers are a Wealth of Information

Not only can you buy a gun from a licensed seller, you can learn a lot about hunting too. They can tell you exactly what kind of ammunition to use for hunting deer, boar, bear, turkeys, ducks, and whatever else you have a hankering to shoot. After you buy the gun to shoot a specific kind of prey, the seller can show you how to load your gun safely and let you take some practice shots if his or her shop has an indoor shooting range.

Learn What to Aim for to Make the Kill

If you shoot a turkey in the body, you will be picking apart the meat from the shot or bullet used which could destroy the best meat. Instead, aim for the head. Nobody eats turkey heads, and you save the meat. Likewise, the kill shot for each type of prey is different. Learn what they are before you hunt for the first time.