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If hunting is one of your passions, be sure to consult the following list of incredible new products of the 2020 hunting world. With these latest items and tools, you can gear up for optimum precision, comfort, and performance in your hunting journey.

Wildlife Research Center Scent Killer
99% effective at not only preventing human odor, but this scent killer also stops new odors from appearing for 10-20 days after fully drying on whatever item that was sprayed. For use in both dry and wet conditions, this product can be used on nearly everything, from clothes and shoes, to quivers, decoys, and other hunting gear.

Sneaky Hunter Hiker Bootlamps: Headlights for your Feet
Sneaky Hunter Hiker Bootlamps will remain securely on your boots or around your knees with sturdy cinch straps and they will light your way with white, red, and green lighting options. The lamps are water resistant and battery operated.

ThermaSeatĀ® D-Wedge Cushioned Seat
A must-have for any hunter, the ThermaSeatĀ® D-Wedge Cushioned Seat features a waterproof and freezeproof exterior for frigid, subzero temperatures and an ergonomic design for maximum support and comfort. It is available in four colors and includes a hassle-free, over-the-shoulder carry strap for easy transport.

BioLite Headlamp 750
With a lightweight, adjustable, and comfortable design, eight different lighting modes, and a USB charging port, this headlamp provides 750 lumens of light and is capable of operating for up to an impressive 150 hours on a single charge.

BioLite Campstove 2
Never worry about cooking food or charging your devices ever again with the BioLite Campstove 2, one of the most popular new items in the hunting world for 2020. This ingenious invention weighs only two pounds, produces three watts of power, and can boil a liter of water in just four and a half minutes.

TX-117 Compact Camera
Featuring a 1.9-inch display, full 1080p HD video recording capabilities with a nighttime option, and built-in infrared LED technology, this mini digital camera operates on four AA batteries and includes a 32GB MicroSD card.

You can visit Great Days Outdoors for even more 2020 gear items and ideas that will make your hunting trips safer, more exciting, and more successful.