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Hunting is one of the oldest outdoor activities in the world. And it’s also one of the most dangerous activities. Here are some steps to take before the hunting season starts to make sure you stay safe.


Enroll in a Safety Class for Hunters


You might think you know all there is to know about hunting. After all, you’ve been hunting for years. But taking a safety course isn’t a bad idea. Some states even require hunters to enroll in a safety course before getting a hunting license.


Safety courses are usually offered in a traditional in-person setting. But some states offer online courses as well. You might have to demonstrate what you’ve learned about hunting safety by participating in a field day. The demonstration is simply to make sure you can apply what you’ve learned out in the field.


Contact the International Hunter Education Association (IHEA) for more information about hunter safety.


Contact Your Hunting Partner


Hunting with at least one partner is a good idea. You and your partner can keep each other safe. If one of you gets hurt, the other can get help or take the injured person to a hospital. If you’re out there alone, even the simplest injury can become a life or death situation.


Decide who you’ll hunt with ahead of time. If you wait until the last minute, your hunting partner may be unavailable. Plan to ask your partner early, so they’ll know you want to hunt with them.


If you simply must hunt alone, make sure someone knows exactly where you are. Choose one or more people who you’ll contact to update them on how you’re doing and your location.


Purchase “Hunter’s Orange” Clothing


Other hunters may be nearby when you’re hunting. And you want to make sure those hunters know you’re a human and not a deer. Wearing a traditional orange jacket, vest, and hat is a good start.


Hunter’s orange, or blaze orange, is the color most popular for hunters. And that’s because a deer’s eyesight can’t distinguish the color orange. It appears brown or gray to the deer. Wearing orange won’t alert deer to your location, but it will alert hunters that you’re nearby.


Make Safety a Priority

When you’re out hunting, you want to have fun and enjoy yourself. But remember that your safety comes first. The tips here are all easy, and you can do them before heading off for your next hunting adventure.