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Hunting lodges in America are plentiful from the northwest to the southeast. Depending on what you hunt – deer, bear, turkey, or waterfowl – there is a lodge to meet your criteria. Before leaving the house, ensure you bring essentials. This includes boots, calls, layers of clothing, weapons, ammunition, water, binoculars, a backpack, and eye and ear protection. Once you are prepared, enjoy one of the following lodges!

Loon Lodge

Hunting bear is more complex than hunting deer, elk, or birds. Location, availability, and cost are the main factors contributing to the difficulties. Cost, numbers, and location are thus the most important factors. To assist their guests, Loon Lodge stacks bait around the property to increase success rates. These rates have steadily increased yearly, with a 75% return rate from satisfied guests. Described as an economy-level accommodation, there are still plenty of comforts. The Loon offers cozy beds, plenty of square footage, contemporary facilities, and activities for family and friends who accompany you. In the winter, you’ll find several feet of snow perfect for ice fishing, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling in an idyllic wilderness.

Elk Ranch

The Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch is located within picturesque rolling plains and provides access to high-caliber bulls. While you might pay between $6,500 and $10,500, cows may be purchased for less than $3,000 each. The lodge is a historic wood-frame building that looks out through huge glass windows through miles of open plains. The comfort level is high, thanks to modern-day facilities. Single-day hunts are offered for buffalo, bulls, and cows. This makes it a reasonably priced “destination” lodge, even for those not staying over.

Three Forks Ranch

Nestled among 200,000 unfenced acres of unspoiled Rocky Mountain wilderness, Three Forks Ranch is the place to go for mule deer. Your family can enjoy luxurious amenities while you hunt across 50,000 acres. The report offers golf, spa treatments, horseback riding, skiing, fishing, sports clay shooting before or after the hunt, and meals. This type of vacation does come with a price tag, however. After paying $10,500 for your trophy, it will cost an additional $2,000 per room. A free-ranging herd of elk, deer, and antelope is available for hunting. 

Harpole’s Heartland Lodge

Forget the east coast if traditional whitetail or turkey hunting is your thing. The Harpole’s Heartland Lodge is located in the very center of Illinois. Unencumbered by pageantry or luxury, the Heartland is as authentic a hunter’s destination lodge as it gets. Rent out space in the “Original Lodge,” a typical full-oak lodge of around 9,500 square feet covered with taxidermy decor.