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Hunting gear shouldn’t have to break the bank. There are several ways to make bargain bin gear work and last for a long time if you don’t have the money for the new gear. Hunting is meant to be fun, not a popularity contest. While there are pros for merino wool or a new riflescope, it’s not always the best option, especially since it’s reinforced a financial barrier for new hunters. Below are some ways that you can save on hunting gear. 

Buy Used

This takes a lot of research and effort, but you can find deals on eBay, Facebook, and your local thrift shops and sporting goods stores. Depending on your luck and where you look, you can find barely used gear for a fraction of the price. However, ensure the photos are high-res, and if you’re able, see if you can inspect the gear for damage or alterations. This is a great way for you to save money on great hunting gear. 

Don’t disregard safety for a bargain

If there are any safety issues (fraying on a saddle, alterations on a firearm, rust on a tree stand), pass it up immediately, even if it’s free. Any alterations that the previous owner made could lead to the compromised integrity of the object and can lead to harm or even death. However, this mainly pertains to tree stands, harnesses, and firearms. 

Invest in multiple-season gear 

Getting creative can also help you reuse one piece of equipment for multiple seasons. This might take some creativity, but if you can find a piece of equipment that works throughout a number of seasons, you’ll only have to make one larger purchase. Getting your money’s worth for your gear will ensure that it was money well spent. 

What gear do you actually need?

Before you buy a new piece of equipment, make sure that you’re realistic about how much time you’ll actually spend using it. If you’re a seasoned hunter who only hunts whitetail deer in the couple weeks of that hunting season, you probably don’t need an incredible pair of binoculars.


There are plenty of companies that offer entry-level optics at great prices. Some of these include Maven and Vortex, which are direct to consumers. It’s easy to believe that premium hunting equipment can improve the quality of your experience in the woods. However, if you’re planning on investing in new gear, you might end up disappointed.


While there are hunters who believe that their mantra is that they get what they pay for. However, this philosophy can quickly drain their hunting budget. There are certain corners that shouldn’t be cut. In the long run, learning how to use and improve your skills rather than buying new equipment can provide you with returns that you can’t afford to pass up.