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 Hunting is a great outdoor skill, but those who must know and practice proper hunting ethics in consideration and respect for themselves, other hunters, and the game animals hunted. First, the hunter must take a hunter education course before hunting, be in good physical shape, and know what to do in an emergency. Practice the four C’s of hunting: be careful, considerate, capable, and courteous. Being careful involves always pointing the gun safely and using binoculars to search for the game instead of the scope on the weapon. Never point the gun at anything you do not plan to shoot. 

 The hunter must consider other hunters by communicating when and where you plan to hunt if you share game land. When hunting together, take turns shooting at game, and work together to harvest the animals taken. Hunt without using drugs or alcohol, since doing so will impair you from being a responsible hunter. Also, be considerate of the landowners by getting permission to hunt on their land. Take care of the land as you hunt by not littering, and take care of equipment, fences, or property used. Being considerate of wildlife means practicing a fair chase. The game animal must be legal to hunt, but it can not be shot from a boat or vehicle, be shot while in an enclosed fence area, or be pursued using illegal electronic devices. 

 Being a capable hunter means taking an accurate shot at the game, knowing the different types of wildlife in the area, and having the basic outdoor skills needed for hunting and harvesting an animal. Practicing shooting, scouting out the site before hunting season, having the required materials, and having a hunting plan contribute to making you a capable hunter. 

 Finally, be a courteous hunter. Kindness and respect will go a long way in your relationships with other hunters, landowners, and the public. People will respect hunters when you respect them and show yourself to be a responsible hunter. Take shots ethically, pursue your game, and obey all laws. 

 Being ethical means doing the right thing even when you are by yourself, even when there is no law specifying what to do in the situation.