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Aside from hunting and real estate, one of the most important factors that you need to consider when it comes to choosing a hunting location is the deer population. This is because, depending on the number of deer in the area, a location can make or break a hunt. Aside from hunting locations, other factors such as the weather and the hunting season also play a huge role in choosing the best state for hunters.

Before you start hunting, it’s important that you thoroughly research the data to determine the ideal hunting location. It’s estimated that there are around 33.5 million deer in the US. However, this doesn’t mean that every state has the same number of deer. There are various factors that can affect the deer population in a state, such as the environment, hunting activity, and terrain.

In this article, we’ll talk about the top ten states for hunting deer. These are the regions that have been consistently ranked as the best places for hunting deer in the country.


In this article, we’ll start with America’s Dairyland. If you’re looking for a big buck, Wisconsin is the place to be. It has plenty of public lands that are ideal for hunting. Not only are there plenty of deer in the state, but they’re also large enough to fill a freezer for a long time. Aside from public lands, you can also check out private lands that are owned by the government. If you live in Wisconsin, you’re likely to have a better chance of finding a big buck than in the past.


Despite the state’s one-buck policy, hunters in Kentucky have been successful in killing big deer. Since 2010, hunters in the state have killed over 350 deer that have made the minimum record book. Five of the country’s top counties for setting hunting records are also located in Kentucky.


Minnesota has plenty of public lands that are ideal for hunting. In the past decade, hunters have been successful in killing over 200 big bucks in the state. If you’re planning on making a big buck hunting trip, Northern Minnesota is the place to be. If you’re not successful in hunting deer in Wisconsin, it’s likely that the animals moved west and are only hanging around areas near Lake Superior or the Canadian border. However, southeastern Wisconsin is also a good hunting area.


Over the past decade, hunters in Ohio have been successful in killing over 350 big deer that have made record books. The state’s hunting season usually starts well before the start of the rut. Bowhunters are also more likely to take advantage of this hunting season.


In Texas, the deer are known to be bigger than everything. Most of them are located in the southern portion of the state. Since many of the state’s ranchers are avid hunters, they often use their hunting tools to take down white-tailed deer. If you’re not a Texas resident, you can still give the local ranchers a hand by killing a big buck.


Over 55,000 acres of public land are available to Indian hunters in Indiana. This allows them to take advantage of the peak season for big deer hunting. Some of the counties that have consistently been ranked high in record books include Jasper Park, Fayette, and Delaware.


One of the most popular hunting regions in the state is the Show-Me State. It has a two-deer per season bag limit that’s ideal for those who live in the area and plan on visiting the region. Additionally, one of the deer must be killed with archery gear. One of the most important factors that hunters need to consider when choosing a hunting region in Missouri is the need to find bucks with the presence of four points on one side. There are a couple of counties that are known to produce big bucks.


Despite the state’s relatively large number of public lands and reputation for bug bucks, Iowa is a little lower on the list due to the high demand for hunting permits. The only reason why this state isn’t higher on the list is due to the number of hunters who enter a lottery to get one of the state’s buck tags. It usually takes around three or four years for non-resident hunters to accumulate points in order to secure a tag.